Oct 03, 2007

Fundraising Kudos to Environment California, for Its Rubber Ducky Campaign

Every group is always looking for an ingenious new way to capture the public's attention -- and, directly or indirectly, boost its donor support. And Environment California sure caught my attention, with its recent campaign around a bill before California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that would ban potentially dangerous, hormone-twisting chemicals called phthalates from children's toys.

In order to pressure the governor to sign the bill, the group says, "For just $12, we'll send a toxic-free rubber ducky with your name on it to Gov. Schwarzenegger!"

Who can resist? Rubber duckies are cute, the price tag is reasonable, and the image of thousands of the little yellow creatures landing on the governor's doorstep is priceless. If they'd sent me a boring-sounding email titled "Ban Phthalates," I probably would have deleted it. Instead, one of those duckies is now winging its way toward Sacramento with my name on it. (And, come to think of it, I'd never before worried about -- or knew how to spell -- phthalates.)

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