Oct 26, 2007

Moment of Awww: Meet Scooter

ScooterI suppose, for the sake of expediting adoptions, I should put up pictures of the homely dogs with behavioral problems - the ones that truly make you understand the commitment and long-term outlook needed by a no-kill shelter. After all, with all the many dogs out there, it takes a special person to bring home the one who barks at all men and shreds anything plastic.

But I'm going for the cute picture anyway. This week (as part of my regular volunteer gig) I walked Scooter, whose scrappy looks are the kind you want to write a movie script around ("Scooter Saves the Day!" or "Scooter Rescues a Boatload of Orphans From Alien Kidnapping!"). More to the point, he's a one-year old, very affectionate fox terrier.

For more information on Scooter and other dogs available for adoption, contact the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society.