Feb 17, 2008

Media Hook Extraordinaire: Linking Foreclosures to Pets

Having recently written about how nonprofits can make a media hook out of nearly every event on the calendar year, I have to point out this story, "Foreclosures Lead to Abandoned Animals," by Evelyn Nieves of Associated Press.

Caged dogRight up there in paragraph 3, it quotes Traci Jennings, president of the Humane Society of Stanislaus County of northern California. She's explaining how when homeowners abandon their homes to foreclosure, they sometimes leave the pets behind, even locked up and starving.

The human cruelty and irresponsibility involved in these actions are plenty newsworthy (I hear starvation is a rough way to die). But I bet the story would not have gotten the same media play without the tie-in to the foreclosure crisis, which is high on every media outlet's "hot news, must cover" list.

I have no idea whether the Stanislaus County Humane Society initiated this particular story, but if so, kudos to them. And even if they didn't, they must have done something right for the reporter to find them. Now let's hope they get the help they deserve in dealing with these forgotten animals.