Feb 09, 2008

Nonprofit Theatre Trend: Coproductions

If you're with a nonprofit theatre, don't miss Sam Hurwitt's article in this month's TheatreTheatre Bay Area cover Bay Area magazine: "Coproductions: The New Long-Distance Relationship." And even if you work with another sort of nonprofit, your money-saving, collaborative-idea neurons might be fired up by this account of maximizing resources.

The basic idea is that regional theatres in the Bay Area are, more and more, partnering up with other theatres across the country in order to stage consecutive productions that share the same props, cast, and more. The economics don't necessarily work out for small shows, given the costs of transport and housing out-of-state casts. And scheduling can be a challenge -- it seems to work best when one show starts right after the other one ended. But coproducing can allow local theatres to put on bigger, more lavish shows that they would have otherwise been able to.

It makes me wonder what other types of nonprofits could maximize resources by "coproducing" -- perhaps a special event on two successive nights that uses the same venue, decorations, and out-of-area speaker? Let me know if your group has come up with any great ideas.