Feb 01, 2008

Nonprofit Volunteer Retention Tips

Want to guess at the biggest line item in your organization's budget? It's probably salaries. No wonder layoffs are often an inevitable consequence of lost funding. That's where volunteers can be such a boon -- they add to the man-and-womanpower of your staff without costing a dime. (Well, maybe enough money for a stipend; for example, if you successfully apply for the services of a Jesuit volunteer, who serves full-time for one year.)

Book coverBut we all know the flip side: If you don't pay people, they can up and leave whenever they get bored, have exams to study for, or get a better offer. So, here are some hot-off-the press tips for keeping volunteers around, drawn from the newly released 2nd edition of Nolo's Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits.