Mar 06, 2008

Social Entrepreneurship Idea Source

Anyone who has read my book, Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits, knows that I advise massive amounts of caution when it comes to launching into small-business, entrepreneurial efforts at raising money.

Cash registerBut I hate to be a doom-sayer -- an original idea can be a powerful thing, and some ideas do lead to real profits! So if you're trawling for ideas right now, a fun place to start is the Springwise site, which has a whole section devoted to nonprofit entrepreneurial efforts. Even if a lightbulb doesn't go off over your head, you might resolve to buy your next tube of lip gloss at Peacekeeper Cause-Metics.


Ashoka's Citizen Base Initiative also sports a collection of ideas for resource mobilization, namely through a collection of case studies.

As I've worked on compiling these cases one thing that strikes me as how their various activities for revenue streams or marketing or volunteer mobilization are so intertwined with their very operations and services. It is not about starting a business from scratch where one has no experience simply as a source of unrestricted funding. I think the successful organizations organizations approach the whole issue of scarce resources and fundraising with a different perspective.