Apr 04, 2008

Fundraising Kudos to: WWF's Earth Day Efforts

I just got an email from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) that grabbed my attention enough to read to the bottom (and that rarely happens).

Earth photoIt contained excerpts of actual letters from people responding to WWF's "Time for Change" challenge to make changes in their lives and/or raise money in honor of Earth Day (April 22). My favorite was the one from the ten-year-old having an earth-friendly birthday party, complete with endangered-animal sponsorships instead of gifts.

It's not that the ideas in the letters were particularly revolutionary -- one person planned to raise money with a garage sale, another to collect loose change at a school -- but there's something irresistible about seeing people coming together and sharing their own enthusiasm about participating in a cause. (Who knows, maybe some of the younger participants will grow up to be fundraisers!)

Does your organization have members who could be encouraged to take up a similar challenge? Even if this doesn't raise a lot of money on the spot, it seems like a great way to create a sense of energy and community.