May 02, 2008

Moment of Awww: Meet Colleen

Here's a dog I've been walking for weeks who still hasn't been adopted. I think of her as a metaphor for some nonprofits -- nothing out of the ordinary on paper (she's 8 years old, which is a hard sell), but amazing once you get up close. Dog photo

Colleen has a hilariously cute habit of greeting people with a chew toy in her mouth, running back and forth making an odd sighing sound that may be due to a past owner having cut her vocal cords. Unlike many dogs I meet at the Humane Society, she remains good natured even as the weeks go by -- doesn't get jealous when I go to walk other dogs, doesn't act demanding or desperate.

On the radio this morning, a caller to a talk show raised the issue of why people choose certain charities or causes and ignore others. The example given was that people in Britain give more to animal charities than to those helping victims of domestic violence. I do sometimes ask myself whether there isn't something more immediately useful I should be doing than dogwalking. And I haven't come up with a brilliant answer, except to say that spreading happiness can't be a bad thing, even if it's via a lonely dog.