Aug 05, 2008

Do Men Give to Charity to Impress?

This could be the new insight into donor motivation we've all been waiting for: a study reported on by the Telegraph (U.K.), indicating that men tend to give more money when there's a pretty woman around to impress. (Women give the same amount regardless of who's watching.)

It's all a part of those primordial mating instincts, apparently. And if all is fair in love and war, then I suppose it's fair to take advantage of said instincts in the interest of a good cause.

Of course, engineering this could be tricky. It does suggest that special events or house dinners with public calls for donations, or live auctions, are a good starting point. But should they be formal dress events as opposed to masked? And how do you make sure to have a lot of women -- let alone "pretty" women, which is too subjective a standard to even touch -- at an event? Hmm...