Sep 05, 2008

Is Fundraising a Dirty Word in McCain's Dictionary?

Nonprofit090508.jpgI'm holding a recent campaign letter from Senator John McCain. To read it, you'd think one of his main objections against the Democrats is their very ability to rally support in the form of monetary contributions. Here are some choice phrases:

"The Obama Democrats and their left-wing, special interest allies have come together in a united front, combining their enormous fundraising arsenal."

[They are] "raising staggering amounts of money."

And (in the reply note, meant to be the sender addressing McCain), " is absolutely essential to our Party's success for us to battle back against the Democrats' massive and limitless fundraising machine."

Wow, doesn't every nonprofit wish it had a "fundraising machine?" Just plug it in and it starts churning out money...

But really, Senator McCain, wasn't this supposed to be a campaign where candidates debated the issues? Turning fundraising into something sinister when it comes to individual donors seems to me like a cynical way to capitalize on people's lingering discomfort about the word "money" -- highly ironic in a letter meant to raise -- what else? More money.