Oct 29, 2008

Volunteer Help May Increase During Tough Times

As reported by MarketWatch, Schwab Charitable recently released eight tips for donors wanting to stretch their charitable dollars during this giving season. While many of the tips are more financially sophisticated than the average donor is likely to use, one of them is simple enough for anyone: "Give time and expertise."

In fact, people I know who've recently lost jobs have mentioned volunteer work as a way to fill the gap and make new contacts. As a nonprofit, now is a great time to reexamine how you're using volunteers, and what opportunities you can offer that will help both your organization and the volunteer.
For those of us still working full time -- and working harder than ever, to keep our companies productive during a down economy -- the right choice of volunteer work can offer a great balance to a busy day. I'm still enjoying the break from work that volunteer dogwalking gives me; here's on of my latest furry friends. His name is Capo, a Chihuahua mix available at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society.