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December 26, 2008

Volunteering for Charity May Lead to Romance!

Here's a lovely article by Marjorie Ingall about the personal benefits of volunteering, called "What goes around comes around," from the December 2008 issue of SELF magazine. It's a good one to leave lying around where your nonprofit volunteers can see it... or perhaps hang on the bulletin board by the copy machine.

The author starts out saying, "I'm not proud. I'll admit that I started volunteering, in part, to meet men." Of course, she cites various other benefits she found, from the endorphin lift created by doing good to the free Oreos she gets after giving blood. But who doesn't want to know how her romantic quest progressed? Good news, here: She ended up dating a fellow volunteer at the New York Association for New Americans.

No, I'm not suggesting that you turn your nonprofit volunteer program into a dating service. But isn't an important part of any volunteer stint to feel connected to other people (or animals)? It's worth examining whether your nonprofit's volunteers really get a chance to make those connections. Sometimes simple changes can give everyone a more satisfying experience, from having volunteers (and staff) wear name tags to creating team projects.

And by the way, your volunteers, donors, and others have a new way of telling others about their experience at your nonprofit -- the website, which both accepts and posts reviews. The site is profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle in the article, "New Web site a network for nonprofits."
December 15, 2008

Going Green With Your Special Events: Podcast With Laurie Earp

Here's something new for the audio-inclined: Laurie Earp, a Bay Area-based fundraiser and events planner, talks about what goes into putting on an environmentally friendly special event. Listen in at Nolo's Nonprofit Podcast Series.