Jun 30, 2009

Who's a "Major Donor" in a Down Economy?

If your nonprofit is like most, you've defined your "major donors" based on a certain average dollar amount that they give annually and keep in touch with them accordingly. But when was the last time you examined that cutoff line?

As Richard Male points out in a recent article made available by the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, entitled "How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for an Economic Recession," now's a good time to lower the dollar threshold and widen your pool of major donors. That gives you more people to whom you reach out, make personal connections with, and ultimately come to rely on to keep your nonprofit viable.

No matter what the economy, his suggestion also carries important implications about not getting into a fundraising rut. Looking at whether your relationships with donors (both major and minor ones) reflect current economic realities and allow you to maximize the degree to which they feel connected to your organization is always a good thing.