Sep 06, 2010

Catch the Magic of a Live Auction on A Prairie Home Companion

Silent auctions seem to have become every nonprofit's default -- they can be tucked away in a side room during a gala dinner, and you don't have to pay an auctioneer.

But, for, a reminder of the energy that a live auction can create, check out the September 4, 2010 edition of A Prairie Home Companion. Host Garrison Keillor interviews auctioneer Bill Berg (ever wondered how someone becomes an auctioneer?) and they auction off two stuffed chickens (as in the fuzzy, toy kind) for charity -- and bring in a whopping $220. (After clicking the link, scroll down to "Segment 3," and move the little bar to "78:25.")

As Keillor says, Berg is "capable of taking charge of a large crowd of people and extorting more money from them than they ever thought they had to spend." And he does it in such a happy voice, almost as if he's singing. If you end up wanting to hire him, however, get ready to pay his plane fare from Minnesota.