Sep 28, 2010

The Over-50 Set Jumps Into Social Networking

If you've been wondering whether increasing your nonprofit's presence on the social networking scene is worthwhile -- especially if many of your donors are older, not part of the "wired" generation -- you might want to check out this report by the Pew Research Center.

Older adults are not only increasing their use of social networking tools, they're doing so at a rate that's dramatically higher than that of younger adults.

The study shows that one in five adults between the ages of 50 and 64 now logs onto social networks on a typical day, double the number that did so a year ago.

True, the young 'uns are still the biggest users of social media. But it's old hat to them. I'm thinking that, if you can become one of the earlier "friends" to these newer adopters of social media, they're likely to develop some loyalty to checking out your postings. And they might email their children and grandchildren about what they find, too!