Nov 02, 2010

Fundraising Kudos to the Atlanta Botanical Garden

. . . for its great website, in particular the section outlining volunteer positions, at

Here are some of the many things they did right when it comes to enticing volunteers:

1) Made it easy to find out about volunteer opportunities (from the homepage, a simple click on "Get Involved" and then "Volunteer" got me there).

2) Create named volunteer positions, instead of vague instructions to "call so and so" about volunteering.

3) Provide clear explanations of what's fun about each position -- as well as what's required. This helps get prospects enthusiastic while also realizing that they'll be taking on a serious responsibility -- not just something they can show up for one weekend and then forget about.

4) Include lovely photos, to make it seem real to viewers.

Gee, wish I lived in Atlanta . . . .