Jan 04, 2011

Fundraising Oops: The Susan G. Komen Foundation's Use of Donor Funds to Sue Smaller Groups

The Susan G. Komen Foundation has done an admirable job bringing the phrase "For the Cure," and the color pink, into people's consciousness.

Unfortunately, its efforts to stop smaller nonprofit groups from using any similar branding seem less than admirable. According to reports in the The Huffington Post, the Komen folks are spending big bucks (originally, donated money) to sue groups that use the phrase "for the cure," any variations thereof, or even the color pink, in their own marketing efforts.

I predict it's going to backfire, as others echo the sentiments of one nonprofit director facing legal action from the Komen Foundation. She told the The Huffington Post, "They seem to have forgotten what charity is about."

In fact, their protectionist strategy has already backfired, if you believe that Stephen Colbert wields any influence; here's his pithy sendup. Let's hope we see a shift in course from this group soon.