Apr 04, 2011

Your Nonprofit's Website Design: How the Wrong Consultant Can Mess It Up

In case you haven't yet come across this article (which is rightfully making its way around the blogosphere), be sure to check out Kivi Leroux Miller's "How Web Developers Hurt Their Nonprofit Clients."

The article details how either inept or unscrupulous Web design consultants saddle nonprofits (and others, no doubt) with websites that only the consultants know how to -- or literally have authorization to -- update.

mad_fossil1_h.jpgYikes. Having a website that doesn't take much work to keep up might sound like a blessing now, but what happens when you've got a big event coming up and discover that you don't have the power to devote more than two sentences on your homepage to it? Or can't swap out your photos to feature a relevant one? The very website that looked so fresh on day one will soon look like an ancient fossil.  

Do your group a favor and make sure your website at least offers some flexibility, regardless of what you decide to do with it later.