General fundraising: October 2010 Archives

October 25, 2010

Charitable Events: Secure the Cashbox!

Here's a news story that's a perfect reminder of why, even though you trust your group's own members and donors, you've got to consider the worst possibilities when it comes to handling cash. Beware the passing kid on the bicycle . . . .

October 22, 2010

Fundraising Garage Sales Move Goods That the Thrift Stores Won't Take!

Have you tried donating used goods to places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army lately? Having recently moved, I've done so by the carload -- and often end up carting stuff right back home.

"No, we don't take cushions." "Sorry, no stuffed animals." "Not if it needs repairs."

I'm not blaming them -- they no doubt get a lot of plain old garbage, and have to draw the line somewhere.

But that leaves some major challenges for people trying to get rid of stuff that isn't ready for the landfill. And that's where nonprofit garage sales can come in. If you can accept items that the established resale places can't, you'll be doing a service to both the donors and any interested buyers, and help the environment by reducing landfill volume. (If you really think no one will be interested in buying an item, put it in a "free" box.)

At day's end, of course, you may need to get creative about disposing of things, as you yourself realize that Goodwill and Salvation Army aren't going to take all the leftovers. Scout around your community ahead of time. The local animal shelter, for example, may have a use for bedding that others won't take.
October 4, 2010

Moment of Fundraising Jealousy

There's just no getting around it. No matter how closely we examine our fundraising connections
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and assets, none of us active in U.S. fundraising will ever be able to hold a charity event quite like the one recently hosted by Bee Gee Robin Gibb and his wife Dwina (an artist and Druid) at their Oxfordshire estate, to benefit the group Against Breast Cancer.

Twelfth century mansions and former monasteries are simply hard to come by around our fifty states.

Especially ones that, according to their owner are haunted by a prank-playing ghost who mysteriously winds nonexistent clocks and fills up the chapel font with water.

Oh well. At least your major donors are less likely to face any spectral surprises.