Marketing: December 2010 Archives

December 15, 2010

Fundraising Kudos to the Friends of the Packard Library

. . . for its creative spin on the walkathon idea, and one that non-athletes can get involved in. This Friends group had volunteers line up sponsors for guerrilla readings of poems by Emily Dickinson, at unlikely spots throughout the town of Marysville, California -- such as a bar, gas station, and laundromat.

The amount earned wasn't overwhelming -- $1,000 -- but it no doubt raised the library's visibility, and it got some press coverage, to boot -- read all about it in the Sacramento Bee, here.
December 7, 2010

Is Your Nonprofit on Jumo Yet?

I don't pretend to understand Jumo -- in fact, the name reminds me of a fictional African dictatorship on the TV show 24 -- but I do believe in trying to keep your nonprofit's Web presence up to date, and taking advantage of social networking tools.

To that end, here's a clear and helpful description of what Jumo is about, and how it can help nonprofits make their place in cyberspace, from the folks at Nonprofit Tech 2.0. Take particular note of the description of how, if you don't get on their and manage your profile, someone else might!